8Inch 200mm 4H-N SiC Wafer Conductive dummy research grade

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As transportation, energy and industrial markets evolve, demand for reliable, high performance power electronics continues to grow. To meet the needs for improved semiconductor performance, device manufacturers are looking to wide bandgap semiconductor materials, such as our 4H SiC Prime Grade portfolio of 4H n -type silicon carbide (SiC) wafers.

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Due to its unique physical and electronic properties, 200mm SiC wafer semiconductor material is used to create high-performance, high-temperature, radiation-resistant, and high-frequency electronic devices. 8inch SiC substrate price is decreasing gradually as the technology becomes more advanced and the demand grows. Recent technology developments lead to production scale manufacturing of 200mm SiC wafers. The main advantages of SiC wafer semiconductor materials in comparison with Si and GaAs wafers: The electric field strength of 4H-SiC during avalanche breakdown is more than an order of magnitude higher than the corresponding values ​​for Si and GaAs. This leads to a significant decrease in the on-state resistivity Ron. Low on-state resistivity, combined with high current density and thermal conductivity, allows the use of very small die for power devices. The high thermal conductivity of SiC reduces the thermal resistance of the chip. The electronic properties of devices based of SiC wafers are very stable over time and on temperature stable, which ensures high reliability of products. Silicon carbide is extremely resistant to hard radiation, which does not degrade the electronic properties of the chip. The high limiting operating temperature of the crystal (more than 6000C) allows you to create highly reliable devices for harsh operating conditions and special applications. At present, we can supply small batch 200mmSiC wafers steadily and continuously and have some stock in the warehouse.


Number Item Unit Production Research Dummy
1. Parameters
1.1 polytype -- 4H 4H 4H
1.2 surface orientation ° <11-20>4±0.5 <11-20>4±0.5 <11-20>4±0.5
2. Electrical parameter
2.1 dopant -- n-type Nitrogen n-type Nitrogen n-type Nitrogen
2.2 resistivity ohm ·cm 0.015~0.025 0.01~0.03 NA
3. Mechanical parameter
3.1 diameter mm 200±0.2 200±0.2 200±0.2
3.2 thickness μm 500±25 500±25 500±25
3.3 Notch orientation ° [1- 100]±5 [1- 100]±5 [1- 100]±5
3.4 Notch Depth mm 1~1.5 1~1.5 1~1.5
3.5 LTV μm ≤5(10mm*10mm) ≤5(10mm*10mm) ≤10(10mm*10mm)
3.6 TTV μm ≤10 ≤10 ≤15
3.7 Bow μm -25~25 -45~45 -65~65
3.8 Warp μm ≤30 ≤50 ≤70
3.9 AFM nm Ra≤0.2 Ra≤0.2 Ra≤0.2
4. Stucture
4.1 micropipe density ea/cm2 ≤2 ≤10 ≤50
4.2 metal content atoms/cm2 ≤1E11 ≤1E11 NA
4.3 TSD ea/cm2 ≤500 ≤1000 NA
4.4 BPD ea/cm2 ≤2000 ≤5000 NA
4.5 TED ea/cm2 ≤7000 ≤10000 NA
5. Positive quality
5.1 front -- Si Si Si
5.2 surface finish -- Si-face CMP Si-face CMP Si-face CMP
5.3 particle ea/wafer ≤100(size≥0.3μm) NA NA
5.4 scratch ea/wafer ≤5,Total Length≤200mm NA NA
5.5 Edge
-- None None NA
5.6 Polytype areas -- None Area ≤10% Area ≤30%
5.7 front marking -- None None None
6. Back quality
6.1 back finish -- C-face MP C-face MP C-face MP
6.2 scratch mm NA NA NA
6.3 Back defects edge
-- None None NA
6.4 Back roughness nm Ra≤5 Ra≤5 Ra≤5
6.5 Back marking -- Notch Notch Notch
7. Edge
7.1 edge -- Chamfer  Chamfer  Chamfer
8. Package
8.1 packaging -- Epi-ready with vacuum
Epi-ready with vacuum
Epi-ready with vacuum
8.2 packaging -- Multi-wafer
cassette packaging
cassette packaging
cassette packaging

Detailed Diagram

8inch SiC03
8inch SiC4
8inch SiC5
8inch SiC6

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